people tend to want to be called a paradox
and i guess that is cool
but there’s nothing romantic about
staring at the sunset, miles away from everyone
with your car engine quiet and friendly,
thinking about revolutions and all those
aritcles you read this morning about politics
and the planet shattering day by day;
there’s nothing romantic about
dancing around in your kitchen,
thinking about how useless your existence is
to the issues of the world, which need your help and
his help and her help and everybody to wake up;
there’s nothing romantic about
painting the sky and lounging about,
thinking of all the times you keep breaking your own heart,
and there’s nothing romantic about
wishing you were not at one with your own self,
wishing you were a pArAdOx

Just some things to note on your Sunday evening

I’ve noticed that the people I know are getting too caught up on all their scary/everyday things happening to them, and they forget to take care of themselves.
So, I decided to write just a little reminder note.
 1. Breathe. I know it’s pretty obvious, but when you notice the world breathing up your neck, and you feel like you are not able to run away – just breathe. I started doing that a few months ago, and it really does help a lot. I know you sometimes feel like you’re in a dream and the hounds are chasing you, barking behind you and their teeth threathen to rip you to pieces, and you feel like you’re on a treadmill – running but still staying in one place. I know you sometimes feel like each second the world could just collapse. Remember that it is okay. Breathe. Take your time. It clears your head and it chases the hounds away, even just for a few minutes.
2. Remember that time is not real and you are in control of everything that is happening to you. Sometimes it may seem that there is nothing you could do to make things better, but you can. Forget about time for a while. Imagine that your problems are one giant lake, but don’t be afraid to touch the surface. Instead, dive into it, dive into the lake and swim swim swim until you reach the bottom. On the way to the bottom you will find your answers, and if you don’t – you’ll at least realise how shallow the water is.
3. Take care of yourself. Make your favourite food. Eat your favourite chocolate. Have a shower. Light scented candles in your room. Don’t be worried about pampering yourself. It is necessary every once in a while. It wouldn’t make you a weak person to have a day in which everything happens just as you like it. You’ll feel better at the end of it and the world would seem a little nicer.
4. You don’t have to talk to the people you don’t like. If you find that someone doesn’t contribute to your life in any positive way – then don’t keep them in it (as obvious as that is). Not everyone understands that you’re messy on the inside, and not everyone understands that others are going through difficult times too. People tend to forget that others have feelings as well. Even you do. But that’s okay. Just don’t be around them when they have forgotten (you might hurt yourself on their edges).

So, I’m ending the post with just 4 reminders. 3 seemed too little and 5 seemed too much.

Hope everyone has a lovely week xx