19 things I learned before I turned 19

  1. Trusting my gut feeling. If I’m feeling that a person, a dress, a movie, a situation is not worth it – I leave it.
  2. Holding on to the people that matter and getting rid of the toxic people is what everyone should always be doing.
  3. Going out of your comfort zone is truly liberating, so do it.
  4. An aesthetically pleasing life means surrounding yourself with art and people who are more than small talk. Chase that.
  5. Leaving situations, people, and places, which do not make me happy, makes me happy.
  6. No one can really know who I truly am and that’s fine. I don’t know who I really am and that is fine too.
  7. Acknowledging anxiety is okay and it should be embraced and learned from.
  8. Time passes by exactly in the pace it should.
  9. Literacy is key.
  10. Even if you write shitty poetry, don’t give up. One out of the hundreds bad poems you write, might turn out good.
  11. I should always tell the people I love that I love them, even if there’s a lump in my throat.
  12. Kisses and wine are good for me. Within limits.
  13. Social media is poisonous.
  14. Life is pretty so stop and look at the stars, notice the wind, listen to the tone in someone’s voice, love the sun on your skin.
  15. Coffee and chocolate are fake friends.
  16. Being yourself is the hardest thing for a teenager but we’ll figure it out.
  17. Being patient with people. Everyone works differently and that should be respected.
  18. You can’t change a person, no matter how much you try, and no matter how much they let you.
  19. Being a cliché is not always a bad thing.