A/N: I had different images of myself in my head and wanted to write them down. I don’t know what they all mean, I guess I’m sort of exploring loneliness as an aspect in poems, but I don’t know if this poem makes sense. I wanted to share it so here you go

Me, walking down a corridor,
almost dragging myself,
in an oversized pyjamas
and a bag of chopped cheddar in my hand.

Me, driving in circles around you
in an empty car park.
I’m laughing and the wind
is making me want to cry.

Me, walking down a different corridor,
almost skipping,
holding a bag of clementines,
which taste like you.

Me, walking down the empty street
at noon,
my massive scarf is suffocating me
but I love the feeling.

Me, walking down the road,
and each car is making me jump,
and each passing light is saying
“You’re not alone in here.”

I am torn between
fear and comfort.

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