So, last Sunday I took myself to see Lorde at the O2 Academy in Birmingham. It was quite exciting and I thought it deserved a little blog post.

After hours and hours queuing for the doors to open, I entered the venue with my back hurting, my heart thumping and my mind all over the place.

At about 9:15 pm, she emerged on stage, alongside her neon astronaut, in a black shiny dress. It was an intimate experience, not only because the venue was cramped. Each of her songs are linked to my life in some sort of way. Even when she sang a sad song I kept laughing. I was singing along and choked on my laughs because they just errupted from my mouth like little baby volcanoes of excitement. I was the happiest I’ve been in a while and I felt on top of the world.

That was when I decided that that’s how I want to feel forever. Excited, happy, energetic…

I danced, I sang and I felt. Lorde was full of energy, full of life, full of art and she knew how to talk to her audience, which is a very good quality and not a lot of arists possess it. Between songs she talked to the audience, told little stories about her journey as an artist. But what really moved me was her little speech before she sang ‘Liability’. She talked about how she took her time when creating ‘Melodrama’. About how her music is personal, how the stories are as if literally pulled out of her. About how someone told her that she was “too much” for them. That’s when I started crying. And then she sang and I felt like all the planets had just aligned and they understood my little trembling heart: sometimes lonely, sometimes incredibly happy, sometimes angry or sad, and sometimes really fucking weird heart.

So, after all these neon colours, singing, dancing and feeling I went home and reflected on everything that has been going on. I think it’s amazing that pop music can make you do that. The right kind of pop.

Lorde is a true artist. An incredible singer and an extraordinary lyricist. That’s what made me fall in love with her and that is, what I believe, how real pop should sound. How real art should be created. Truly, personally, boldly. According to Wikepdia, ‘Melodrama’ has been described by critics as  ‘a loose concept album that explores the theme of solitude’, which I think is a wonderful way of putting it into words. It reflects on heartbreak, self-care and self-love, on maturing and changing.

When I heard ‘Melodrama’ for the first time I knew that this album is going to be important to me forever. It may sound a bit cheesy, but I do believe that the songs matter to me just as much as they matter to her and I love love love each and every song.

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